More Recipes For Your Camping Adventures

Find out about some of the very best, easiest, camping recipes there are, and you can make your vacation trip a bit tastier without a lot of unnecessary effort. You want something simple when it comes to cooking during your outdoor vacation, but wouldn't something delicious be nice too? Well, if you love cooking, you can actually be eating like a king in the middle of the forest. There are also some camping food but no cooler required.

Consider the kinds of equipment that you have already, the portability you require and the kinds of foods you will want to eat on your vacation. Current camping technology and modern equipment for cooking and camping can help you make great tent-side meals. Here are a few of the possibilities I have not mentioned in other articles that are, nonetheless, just as absolutely delicious and wonderful to consider.


You can, with the right, unspoiled ingredients, fuel-up for fun, activity, and excitement with a great breakfast to begin your outdoor adventure of the day. One of the most traditional as well as (in my opinion) one of the most delicious breakfast meals is a nice plate of biscuits and gravy. Yum. And, of course, you can serve biscuits and gravy any time of day. Breakfast for dinner after a day of swimming in the lake may be something everyone agrees to scarf down around the campfire.

You will need the following items in order to prepare this recipe:

One can of store biscuits, a half-pound of ground, packaged breakfast sausage. You will need flour, of course, but only about 4 tablespoons for this recipe. You will need one quart of milk, and of course, salt, pepper and any other of your favorite spices. Needless to say, it is always easier to cook when you have a recreational vehicle in which to store your ingredients. Unlike pancake mix, there are sometimes camping recipes that require refrigerated or cooled ingredients.


You will need a Dutch oven, cover and cook your biscuits. The oven needs to be greased, and preheated to a set temperature (which will depend on your altitude at the time) cook the biscuits for ten to fifteen minutes. Heat the quart of milk. At the same time, add the sausage in a large skillet. This part (the gravy, that is) CAN actually be done over fire pits or temporary stoves. Coat the browned meat (grease included) with flower and continue to cook another four minutes or so before you begin to gradually add the hot milk. Do not stop stirring. Keep cooking until the sausage gravy is slightly thick - because (as with many different recipes) the sauce will thicken as it cools down. If you do not have a Dutch oven, you can always use toasted bread or something like that instead of using fresh-baked biscuits.

There are also recipes perfect for camping that you can prepare before you leave and that are simple to get ready after, for example, a long day of hiking, swimming, fishing, or whatever else. Sometimes (as much as you might love to cook) you may return to the tent or camper hungry for a great meal, but without a great desire to spend forty minutes cooking the meal. The night before you go on your camping trip, prepare your unfrozen chicken. Wash the chicken and dry it with paper towels. Choose your favorite seasonings and create a rub to cover the outside of the chicken. You will only need the chicken and virtually no other ingredients. You will also need a can of Stout Beer. In addition, if you choose to you can bring along and spices or seasonings you think you might need.

Store the bird in a freezer bag. Obviously, if kept in the freezer, your chicken will not be ready to prepare until thawed. Nonetheless, that is not usually a problem considering the fact that your bird will unfreeze pretty quickly on an outdoor summer excursion, don't u think? Nonetheless, keep it in the bag as you travel. When the time comes to prepare this dinner, begin by firing up the grill and / or fire-pit. Begin once the coals are very hot. First remove the chicken from the bag. Place an opened can of beer on the grill and place the chicken over the beer so that the can of beer is literally inside the bird's cavity on the grill. Be careful that the wings do not burn, they will cook faster than the rest of the chicken. Because of the heat, the beer will steam, moisten and absorb into the chicken as it cooks.

There is no constant stirring, no frequent flipping, let your chicken rest on the grill and check it when it seems close to being finished. The meat will fall off of the bone when the bird is ready to eat. This is the perfect cuisine for your first night out. And remember to bring a meat thermometer to check the breast meat. Though not absolutely essential, do this if you can. Uncooked chicken can make you ill.

Are you sick of hot dogs and trail mix, but you figure you will just have to settle for it on your vacation. Nonetheless, you don't have to. This is because you may not know it, but there all kinds of great recipes perfect for camping as well as for cooking outside. Some of the following recipes may be exactly what you are looking for to help add a burst of extra flavor to your camping trip. Camping mealtimes may never be the same again. And there are plenty of great recipes that are simple make for your camping trips. These are recipes which can be pre-prepared or cooked on site - even if your camping area is limited to the basic